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We will help you with step by step information and provide support with all required documents to process your visa application, be it a NATIONAL D-TYPE Visa, Schengen Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa so on and so forth. We will keep you updated with the process and if required prepare Proposals / Invitations and necessitate an appointment in Polish Consulate, making your travel and entry a secure and easy affair for you.

Work permit

If you are in pursuit of a work permit, which includes getting hired by the right company, making a contract with them, finding the right incentives and proper documentation, we are here for you. We will make sure that the process is a breeze and with less hassles. Guiding you through the entire flow and with your full control, Legal Aid will make sure you acquire your work permit, visa and further meet further needs.

Business Immigration – setting up companies

Are you trying to build your own business in Poland? Don’t know where to start? Or is in the middle of understanding the business model in Poland, fret not. Legal Aid has been cooperating with firms and institutions to make a firm ground in the Phoenix city of Warsaw. From registering your company on proper legal basis, business immigration , handling services, we are top at our business strategy. Understanding the requirements and necessary documents to make your business a seamless story is safe in our hands.

Birth/Marriage certificate registrations

Registration of Documents / Certificates related to Birth and Marriage can be a tiring process, especially when you have to make the apostille and have to visit different legal entities. We provide services related to document registration and translations making your day shine brighter.


With yearly changing rules related to Citizenship, it can be hard to keep track of all the requirements. Our entire team is always kept updated with the changing rules and are the best when it comes to any legal process. Being a citizen of Poland, you get to enjoy all the extra benefits of a born Pole, we help you and your family achieve your legal rights. Apply for Polish citizenship with us!


There are times when your application for Karta Pobytu (Temporary Residence Permit) has had a negative decision; our expert Advisors will guide and provide the necessary service to make an appeal in your favour. We help you in finding the best suited solution for the problem at hand, consult with our team.

Temporary Residence Card

Are you an individual in pursuit of your higher education or somebody who is working in Poland? We provide top class services in the line of Karta Pobytu (Temporary Residence Card) from start to acquiring the card in hand. We help you with preparing Bank Statement, University documents / Work related documents, Insurance, Wniosek (Application) and other documents related to your Temporary Residence Card.

Permanent Residence Card

Have you been staying in Poland for a long period of time (more than 5 years), been paying your taxes or married to a Polish citizen then it is time to apply for the Permanent Residence card. A calm life with no more applying for a Temporary Residence Cards with more rights to your stay in Poland is some of the pros of acquiring a Permanent residence Card. Apply with us and leave the rest to us.

Appeals to the NSA (the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland) in case of a negative decision

In extreme and rare cases with complications, you may need to appeal to the NSA, the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland. Be it a negative decision, or a unique case, our team of legal consultants are with you in every step of the appeal. Our team has deep knowledge of the Polish laws and an individual’s rights when staying in Poland. Equipped with deep understanding of the legal consequences and outcomes, we are able to formulate the right appeal to the NSA and help you in defending your case with positive and aiding decisions.

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Business Immigration - 95%
Marriage certificate Registration - 60%
Birth certificate Registration - 70%
Citizenship - 90%
Temporary Residence Card - 70%
Permanent Residence Card - 90%

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