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Legal Aid

"Thanks to our experience, our clients can feel safe and secure during their stay on Polish Territory"

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Legal Aid

"Thanks to our experience, our clients can feel safe and secure during their stay on Polish Territory"

Most Trusted Firm with successful cases

Legal Aid is a private company specializing in immigration services. Our firm has been working with foreigners from all over the world for 15 years. Poland has witnessed a growth in the number of immigrants during the past few years. We comply with all legal requirements to ensure our clients’ safety. Our main objective is to assist foreigners and their families in making their stay in Poland easier, more comfortable, stress-free and above all - legal.

Our Services

Poland Visa / Invitations

Planning to visit Poland as a tourist or want to invite someone to Poland? Legal Aid provides you the best services in regards to everything legal. We make your entire procedure a breeze and as smooth as possible.

Birth/marriage certificate registration

Planning to get married to a Polish citizen? Want to register birth of a newborn? We can guide you with legal registration procedures; Everything to make your civil ceremony or a concordat marriage (Marriage conducted according to religious traditions) an easy affair.

Temporary Residence Card

The most cumbersome procedure of availing a Karta Pobytu now made effortless with the help of our Legal Aid Advisors. We are experts when it comes to the whole procedure of Karta Pobytu, we will manage everything from application to getting a positive decision.

Permanent Residence Card

Permanent Residence Permit allows an individual with indefinite stay in Poland (Card to to be renewed only every 10 years). Have you had an uninterrupted stay of 5 years or more in Poland? Apply for Permanent residence with us; benefit from a smooth process!


I am a full-time student at a Polish University, do I need a work permit, if I already hold a Temporary Residence Card?
If you are a full-time student at a Polish University, and holds a Temporary Residence Card (Karta Pobytu), you may work without a work permit for the period of validity of the Karta Pobytu. Also in this case, the employer needs to mandate a work contract and is obliged to register you at ZUS (Social Insurance Center) within the 7 days of your commencement to work. For a student, the rules of working includes working max. Of 8 hrs per day and 40 hours per week on an average and a minimum of 2100 PLN gross salary (Rule from 2018).
My employer is not paying me the wages, who can I approach?
In rare cases, where the employer fails to provide you minimum or no wages, you can approach the labour court, wherein, taking into consideration the civil duties bound to a employer-employee relation, a possible filesuit can be pursued.
Can I work in other foreign branches of a company based in Poland with the work permit issued in Poland?
No, you cannot work in other countries holding a work permit issued in Poland. You will need to apply for a work permit based on the country you are working at. A work permit issued in Poland authorizes a foreigner to work only in Poland. Depending on the country though however, you can delegate your work in other countries for a period not exceeding 30 days. (It is advised to take consult of information to the country to which you are delegated to).
Can a National D Visa issued for Studies in Poland be extended?
No, you cannot extend the Visa issued for the purposes of studies in Polish universities. However you can apply of Temporary Residence Permit showing the proof of studies.
Can I travel to other Schengen countries with National D Type Visa with multiple entries?
Yes, you may travel to other Schengen countries if you hold a valid National D Type Multiple entry visa. (Note: You cannot travel to UK as it is not a part of Schengen Area).
I would like to register a company in Poland, how do I approach this?
If you would like start a company, or a commercial activity in Poland, you can do so by registering in the Central Registration and Information on Business, or after entry into the National Court Register (KRS) system. Once you are entered into the KRS, you need to provide all the requirements to be placed for the tax identification number (NIP) including all written statements and documentation concerning the company's business activity. Identification of individual entrepreneurs in official records is based on the tax identification number (NIP).

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